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Your Guide to the Talent Copilot
Your Guide to the Talent Copilot
Written by Wafaa Kahoui
Updated over a week ago

We're thrilled to unveil our latest product line called β€œAI widgets”, which includes two products: Recruiter Copilot and Talent Copilot. If you're not familiar with AI widgets, no worries - we'll provide you with all the details πŸ˜‰

An AI widget is a compact module that employs artificial intelligence to perform particular tasks. It's user-friendly and can be seamlessly integrated into the platform, resulting in improved decision-making, reduced costs, and increased efficiency. With our AI widgets, we aim to streamline HR processes and enhance talent management and recruitment efficiency.

This article will delve into our AI-powered Talent Copilot and explore how it functions.

How to create your Talent Copilot :

  • Step 1

Head to portal to log in and Activate the AI modules: Profile Parsing, Job Scoring, Job Searching, and Job Parsing.

  • Step 2

Go to the AI Widgets > Talent Copilot menu and then fill out the following pieces of information:

  • Name of the Talent Copilot

  • Choose the language you want β€œ French or English β€œ

  • List of Profile Sources

    • The Dropzone source: sync parsing activated

    • The Folder Source: for storing candidates

  • List of Jobs Boards

  • Scoring algorithm

  • Design Requirements: add a customizable welcome page design, Job listing design, and Job page design and activate the options.

Step 3

  • Generate your Talent Copilot.

  • Click on the link to preview the generated widget in a new navigator tab.

After creating your Talent Copilot, you can upload a resume and start reviewing relevant job offers.

How to apply for a job:

Step 1

  • Upload your resume file, and click "Submit."

  • Select the job board where you want your resume to be uploaded.

  • You can choose from two popular options - Indeed or Pole Emploi board.

  • Enter your Email and click "Analyze".

  • The talent copilot will be generated and sent to your email.

Step 2

  • Use the various filters to narrow your searches, such as desired location, activity fields, skills, desired location, and publication date.

  • Review and find more details about the offers.

  • Apply for the jobs you want.

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