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Your Guide to the Recruiter Copilot
Your Guide to the Recruiter Copilot

The article introduces the AI-powered Recruiter Copilot, explaining how to create it and how to review candidates using it.

Written by Wafaa Kahoui
Updated over a week ago

We are excited to introduce our new product line: AI widgets.

If you are not familiar with AI widgets, don't worry; we will explain everything 🙏

An AI widget is a small module that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to perform specific tasks; they are easy to use and can be integrated seamlessly into any platform. AI widgets help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve decision-making.

Our AI widgets include two products: Recruiter Copilot and Talent Copilot, and they are designed to help streamline HR processes and improve efficiency in recruiting and talent management.

In this article, we will look at our new AI-powered Recruiter Copilot to see how it works.

Getting Started with Recruiter Copilot

Product Demo (EN)

Product Demo (FR)

The Recruiter Copilot brings two main benefits:

  1. 3x Hidden Gem: Easily uncover hidden talents in your current and past applicant pool using AI, a feat often missed by traditional keyword searches.

  2. 2x Less Time to Staff & Fill: Open up new business opportunities by linking your talent pools with both internal and external job positions.

1. How to create your Recruiter Copilot :

Step 1: Activate AI Modules

Head to the portal to log in and Activate the AI modules: Profile Parsing, Profile Scoring, Profile Searching, Job Parsing, and Job Searching.

Step 2: Configure Recruiter Copilot

Go to the AI Widgets > Recruiter Copilot menu and then fill out the following pieces of information:

  • Name of the Recruiter Copilot: Label your Recruiter Copilot for easy identification (e.g., "My Talent Pool").

  • Sources of Profiles: Select connectors where your profiles' data is stored (e.g., ATS, HCM, CRM, ERP, etc.).

  • Boards of Jobs: Select connectors where your jobs are stored (e.g., ATS, Career site Crawler, etc.).

  • Scoring Algorithm: Choose the algorithm for ranking profiles based on a selected job.

  • Choose your provider from the Provider name and enter your URL Template.

  • You can enable/disable the candidate applications history timeline and add tag columns on your profile data grid.

  • Activate the Authentication by selecting "Authentication with" to ensure secure access to your Recruiter Copilot.

  • Specify the validity duration of your Recruiter Copilot URL and the Default date range as well.

Step 3: Generate your Recruiter Copilot.

  • Click the link to preview the generated widget in a new navigator tab.

  • You can deploy the Recruiter Copilot using one of two methods:

    1. iFrame: Utilize the pre-signed URL or PIXEL.

    2. Access Token: Choose this option if you're using an app that partners with

After creating your Recruiter Copilot, you can start reviewing candidates' applications for the designated positions.

⚠️ Note: Since the Recruiter Copilot may display personal information, ensure you integrate it into a secure platform.

2. How to review candidates :

  1. Select the job for which you want to review applicants.

  2. Use the available filters such as Date range, Location, Seniority, Languages, and Certifications to narrow your search. You can order your candidates by date or by relevance.

  3. Navigate the results and click on relevant candidates to see their full profile. 

  4. Rate and comment on any profile you wish.

  5. Check other recommended jobs for your candidates

  6. Keep track of the candidates you have already viewed.

  7. You can export profiles in Excel or JSON format using the "Export Profiles" feature, you can also export your results such as applications, reviews, and shortlists.

3. Advanced Features: Maximizing Recruitment Efficiency

HRFlow Recruiter Copilot simplifies your process with customized URL parameters for seamless connections and workflow enhancement.

  1. Customize Copilot per Job with the job_reference Parameter: Score profiles for a specific job by adding the job_reference parameter to the URL. Simply append &job_reference=your_job_reference, replacing "your_job_reference" with the specific job reference code. This allows recruiters to focus exclusively on candidates relevant to a particular job.

  2. Seamless Connections for Recruiters using the email Parameter: Facilitate dynamic connections by including the email parameter in your URL. Add &email=recruiter_email_address to enable smooth connections for your recruitment team.

How to try the Recruiter Copilot

To try out our Recruiter Copilot without signing up, go to Labs and do these two things:

  1. Enter a Job Title and a Job Description

  2. Select from one of our fake profile collections

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