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How to Import Profiles with Dropzone Extension
How to Import Profiles with Dropzone Extension

How to Use Dropzone Chrome Extension to Import Profiles.

Written by Wafaa Kahoui
Updated over a week ago

Importing candidates' profiles can be time-consuming and arduous, but the process becomes effortless with Dropzone Chrome Extension.

In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to the Dropzone Chrome Extension—a powerful tool designed to improve how you import profiles. Whether you're a recruiter, talent acquisition professional, or HR manager, this extension will empower you to streamline your recruiting process.

Throughout this article, we will guide you through the essential steps of effectively using the Dropzone Chrome Extension.

Table of Contents

  • Tutorial video

  • Installation of the Extension

  • Configuration

  • Import Profiles from any Website

Watch our Tutorial video

Installation of the Extension

  1. Click on "Add to Chrome".

  2. Wait for the installation process to complete.

  3. After installation, the extension will appear at the top right of any website page.

Profiles Sourcing


  1. To connect the Dropzone Chrome Extension to your workspace, click on the extension icon on any website.

  2. Log in to your workspace at <your_subdomain>

  3. Enter your usual login credentials for your workspace. If you don't have access, ask an admin to invite you.

  4. After logging in, the extension will be ready to use.

Import Profiles from any Website

  1. To source profiles from on any website, select the source in where you want to import your candidate's profile (make sure you have at least one Dropzone extension source in your account).

  2. Now Click on Import Candidate to send the profile to the selected source.

  3. In a few seconds, your profile will be successfully imported.

  4. Head to your source debugger to check the imported profiles.

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