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How to set up the Webhook Destination?
How to set up the Webhook Destination?

How to send data from via the Webhook integration.

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The events WEBHOOK allows you to receive real-time information and monitor your HR data.

The integration allows users, for example, to:

  • Get notification about your profiles (or jobs) parsing status.

  • Get notification about your profiles (or jobs) scoring status.

  • Get notification about stage status actions (Yes, No, Later).

For more information about the events available for tracking, check this page.

Step 1:

Go to the Destinations Marketplace section, click on the Webhook, then click on Install.

Step 2:

After clicking on the Install button, the Webhook configuration modal will show up with your Webhook Id and Webhook Secret Key. You have to keep them safe, they will allow you to finalize your Webhook integration, as detailed here.

Step 3:

To add a new webhook, go to the Settings tab and specify the Webhook Name, Event Type, and Webhook URL (such as where your events will be sent to.

Click then on the Check button to get a sample event sent to your URL for validation, and once the webhook is tested click on the Save button. You can add as many webhooks as you need.

You can also edit or disconnect your webhooks at any moment.

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