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How to forward Email to
How to forward Email to

Redirecting Emails a mailbox to

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To get the forwarding address, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Go to the Sources section and click on Create Source.

Step 2:

Select the Email source category and the Forward source type, then click on Create source.

Step 3:

Chose a recognizable source name that you can easily remember and other users can easily recognize.

If you wish to send a standard confirmation email to the candidate after they drop their resume, check the Apply notification switch, and If you want to hide this source from the other users, you can make the source private.

In the Source Managers field, you can choose other team members to manage the source with you. They will automatically follow the source as soon as it's created.

Finally, click on Create Source at the bottom left.

Step 4:

Now you just have to setup the redirection in your mailbox. Hereafter is a list of popular providers explaining how to redirect your emails.
Select your provider and follow the steps:

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